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The diary is available for download or for purchase as a book copy at this link:

White Rose University Press/The Diary of Madeleine Blaess


About the Project

The Madeleine Blaess Project is based at the University of Sheffield and is led by Dr Wendy Michallat from the School of Languages & Cultures. Madeleine died in 2003 and she bequeathed her books and papers to the University where she had worked as a lecturer in the French Department from 1948. In 2014 Dr Michallat came across the diary along with other fascinating letters and papers from the Phoney War and the immediate post-war in the Special Collections department of the University of Sheffield’s library. The catalogue for the Madeleine Blaess collection is available to consult here

The Project has been Dr Michallat’s research focus for several years. She has published a number of scholarly articles based on the diary and Blaess’s letters written from Parsis during the Phoney War, translated the diary from French into English and co-produced a documentary film extracts of which can be watched here: Madeleine Film Documentary

About the Press

The White Rose University Press (WRUP) is an open access digital publisher run jointly by the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.

The fact that the diary is Open Access makes it flexible for use in teaching, meaning that Madeleine’s story and the research accompanying it, will be available to a broad audience comprising scholars from a range of disciplines and the general public.

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